Replace your equipment with state-of-the-art technology. Savings pay for investments.

Technological substitution project: Medellín – Bogotá highway.

If current technologies are taken into account, many organizations have assets that consume more energy (electrical or thermal) than they should. This is how at Azimut we use the energy savings and the decrease in corrective and preventive maintenance costs to carry out a technological renovation.

Our solution allows us to identify opportunities for technological substitution: we carry out the financial evaluation of the projects, we offer financing options, we execute, fine-tune, operate the projects and guarantee savings.

In our projects, if the promised savings are not generated, Azimut is responsible for the variations, so that the client receives exactly the savings they were expecting and that the returns on investment are correct.

Results of technological substitution


  • Generation of savings with zero investment by the client.
  • Savings guarantee.
  • Current operating expenses (inefficiency) pay for investments.

How do we do it

•Opportunities identification

At Azimut we carry out visits free of charge, with the eyes of an expert who is capable of
identify energy saving opportunities.

•Conceptual and basic engineering

Field measurements, models
of calculation, designs and budgets that allow having the
accuracy needed for decision making.

• Financing

In case the client wishes, Azimut is in charge of offering financing options tailored to the
project needs.

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• Performance

Azimut is in charge of executing the projects identified in order to be able to guarantee the results that are
promise the client in terms of time, scope and

• Measurement of savings

Using measurement protocols of the
savings approved by the parties, the results of the
project, in order to guarantee the return on investment
identified in engineering.

• Operation and maintenance

Azimut is in charge of maintaining
projects operating with the lowest possible energy cost, according to the type of service contracted by the client.

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Business models

At Azimut Energía we adjust to your needs, we can develop projects with client resources (LLM), or finance the installation of projects (PCA).

Azimut guarantees the savings and is in charge of financing the projects, while the savings pay for the investments.

At Azimut we take care of designing and installing a solar system tailored to your needs.